Euro-East Oy

Euro-East Oy is an ever-evolving Finnish import company that takes you to get acquainted with the food cultures of Russian and Eastern European cuisine. Our mission is to make traditional food culture known and to offer the opportunity to get to know different tastes from around the world. In the sale and marketing of Russian and Eastern European cuisine, we are the market leader in the field:
our products are already available in all well-stocked grocery stores all over Finland.

We started our business in 1996. Over the years, our business have included food exports, imports and batch trade.
In 2002, we started selling and marketing the Russian kitchen product family in Finland.
In 2014, we expanded our range with Eastern European and Asian products.
We are constantly developing our product range to provide customers with tasty, healthy and high-quality products for everyday life and festive occasions.

The wide product range of almost a hundred products includes taste experiences for all lovers of good food. It is especially important for us to have good product quality and genuine taste – without forgetting trends and health. All of our products are made with traditional recipes and we want to offer products that taste like those made at home.

Let’s enjoy of good food!