Euro-East Oy is a Finnish import company established in 1996, dedicated to introducing you to the culinary cultures of Eastern Europe. Our mission is to promote traditional food cultures and provide opportunities to explore diverse flavors from around the world.

We import high-quality, responsibly made food products from across Europe, including Poland, Latvia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, as well as from outside Europe, such as Azerbaijan. As leaders in marketing and selling Eastern European cuisine delights, our products are available in well-stocked grocery stores throughout Finland and HoReCa wholesale distributors.

Our extensive product range offers taste experiences for all food enthusiasts. We prioritize responsible production, high quality, and authentic flavors. Continuously expanding our product range, we aim to offer customers tasty, healthy, and high-quality options suitable for everyday meals and special occasions, reminiscent of homemade cooking.


Business Operations As an entity in the food industry, responsibility is integral to our daily operations. We adhere to legal standards and continuously develop our business while ensuring product quality, ethical production, safety, and reducing environmental impact. Sustainable development principles guide our business.

Equality is paramount in our business dealings with both employees and partners. We do not condone discrimination or bribery at any level. Supporting the community is essential, minimizing food waste through well-calibrated orders and collaborating with organizations to assist those in need.


Our dedicated staff at Euro-East is committed to fostering a safe and responsible food industry. Fair treatment and equal opportunities are fundamental in our work environment, encouraging professional development and ensuring health and safety standards for employees.


Quality, responsible production, and safety are crucial to us as importers. Ensuring product safety, accurate nutritional information, ingredient transparency, and awareness of sourcing ethics are our top priorities. All our products come from certified suppliers, undergo regular laboratory testing, and adhere to international standards.

We’re certified organic importers, continuously seeking new organic products to expand our range and serve consumers more comprehensively. Our product line includes MSC-certified seafood, contributing to sustainable fishing practices and marine conservation.

Customer Relations / Partnerships

We supply our products to major retail chains in Finland, catering to wholesale, restaurant, and catering clients. Our strategic goal is to maintain a trustworthy position as a significant supplier, relying on our extensive experience in wholesale and retail.

We prioritize customer-oriented thinking, building sustainable relationships. Feedback from consumers guides our product development, enhancing our communication for a clearer understanding of Euro-East’s operations.


Environmental responsibility is paramount at Euro-East. We recycle all company-generated waste and collaborate with RINKI OY for sustainable packaging material recycling. We aim to reduce environmental impact through efficient transportation planning, energy conservation, and emission reduction.

Collaborating with CorboLink allows us to monitor our carbon footprint in real-time. In product development, we aim to minimize excessive plastic usage, favoring recyclable materials like glass for packaging.

Carbon footprint report from the year 2023