Greenfield Premium tea collection (30 flavors)
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Greenfield tea

Greenfield Premium tea collection

The Greenfield Premium tea collection contains 30 different flavors of tea (30 flavors x 4 bags).
A selection of the best and finest Greenfield roads.

Great gift idea!

Product information

Golden Ceylon: black Ceylon tea (4x2g) - bag tea
English Edition: black Ceylon tea (4x2g) - bag tea
Premium Assam: Indian black tea (4x2g) - bag tea
Classic Breakfast: black tea (4x2g) - tea bag
Magic Yunnan: Chinese black tea (4x2g) - bag tea
Kenyan Sunrise: Kenyan black tea (4x2g) - bag tea
Earl Gray Fantasy: black tea, flavored with bergamot aroma (4x2g) - bag tea
Milky Oolong: oolong tea, natural milk aroma, mallow leaves (4x2g) - bag tea
Flying Dragon: Chinese green tea (4x2g) - bag tea
Japanese Sencha: green tea (4x2g) - bag tea
Jasmine Dream: Chinese green tea, natural jasmine - aroma. May contain small amounts of jasmine petals (4x2g) - bag tea
Wildberry Rooibos: Rooibos, Chinese rose, cranberry aroma, wild strawberry and cranberry pieces (4x1.5g) - bag tea
Rich Camomile: Flavored herbal tea; chamomile leaves, cinnamon, dried apple, apple and cinnamon aromas (4x1,5g) - bag tea
Summer Bouquet: Flavored herbal tea; dried apple, raspberry pieces, rosehip, Chinese rose, raspberry aroma. Decaffeinated (4x2g) - bag tea
Festive Grape: Chinese rose, rosehip pieces, dried apple, grape leaves, grape aroma (4x2g) - bag tea
Floral Cloud: oolong tea, elderberry aroma, apricot pieces, calendula petals (4x1.5g) - bag tea
Green Melissa: green tea, lemon balm, mint leaves, lemon aroma (4x1.5g) - bag tea
Quince Ginger: green tea, ginger root pieces, quince and ginger aroma, quince pieces, calendula petals (4x2g) - bag tea.
Mellow Peach: green tea, flavored with peach pieces, mandarin peel, rose petals and peach aroma (4x1.8g) - bag tea.
Blueberry Nights: black tea, Chinese rose, blueberry and blackberry aromas, blackcurrant leaves, blueberry pieces, mallow petals (4x1.5g) - bag tea.
Christmas Mystery: black tea, cinnamon, ginger root pieces, natural orange and lemon aromas, cloves, dried apple, anise (4x1.5g) - bag tea.
Grand Fruit: black tea, pomegranate aroma, Chinese rose, rosemary, pomegranate peel (4x1,5g) - bag tea
Spring Melody: black tea, blackcurrant leaves, thyme, mint, peach aroma (4x1.5g) - bag tea
Barberry Garden: black tea, Chinese rose, blackberry, squash petals, petal petals, blackberry aroma (4x1.5g) - bag tea.
Lemon Spark: black tea, rosemary, Chinese rose, lemongrass, lemon peel, lemon aroma (4x1.5g) - bag tea
Vanilla Cranberry: black tea, vanilla, cranberry, rose petals, pineapple, cranberry and vanilla aromas (4x1.5g) - bag tea
Chocolate Toffee: black tea, sea salt-caramel flavor, caramel, cocoa powder (4x1.5g) - bag tea
Strawberry Gourmet: black tea, cocoa powder, strawberry pieces, strawberry and chocolate aromas (4x1.5g) - bag tea
Honey Linden: black tea, apple pieces, lime flowers, Buckwheat honey aroma (4x1.5g) - bag tea
Currant & Mint: black tea, mint, red and white currant aromas, Chinese rose, blackcurrant leaves, blackcurrant pieces (4x1.8g) - bag tea
Storage: Dry, at room temperature.
Art. No: 46918210
Net weight: 210.4 g
EAN pcs: 4605246014918
EAN ME: 24605246014912
ME: 8 p.m.
Country of origin: Russia

Preparation instructions

Simmer tea in hot boiled water for 3-5 minutes: Golden Ceylon, English Edition, Premium Assam, Classic Breakfast, Magic Yunnan, Kenyan Sunrise, Earl Grey Fantasy, Milky Oolong, Flying Dragon, Japanese Sencha, Jasmine Dream, Floral Cloud, Green Melissa, Quince Ginger, Mellow Peach, Blueberry Nights, Christmas Mystery, Grand Fruit, Spring Melody, Barberry Garden, Lemon Spark, Vanilla Cranberry, Chocolate Toffee, Strawberry Gourmet, Honey Linden, Currant & Mint;
Simmer tea in hot boiled water for 4-6 minutes: Rich Camomile, Wildberry Rooibos;
Simmer tea in hot boiled water for 2-3 minutes: Summer Bouquet, Festive Grape.