Taschki pork meat pelmeni 500g
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Pelmeni – Frozen products

Taschki pork meat pelmeni 500g

Delicious pelmeni with tasty pork meat filling.

All Taschki-Pelmeni are made with a traditional Russian recipe from high quality ingredients.
Taschki-Pelmeni are additive-free and do not contain artificial flavors, flavor enhancers, colors or preservatives. Taschkits are also egg-free.

Serve Pelmeni: boiled, fried, in soups, stewed in the oven, deep-fried.

Product information

Ingredients: 32% ground pork, wheat flour, water, durum wheat groats, onion, salt, vegetable oil, pepper. Country of origin of meat: EU.
Storage: In the freezer. The thawed product must not be re-frozen. Pelmeni is not suitable to be eaten raw and must be cooked.
Net weight: 500 g
Art.No: 90180500
EAN pcs: 4032549002425
EAN sales unit: 4032549002623
PCS: 12 pcs
Country: Germany

Nutritional content per 100 g

energy: 1005 kJ / 240 kcal
fat: 11g
- of which saturated: 5.0 g
carbohydrates: 25 g
- of which sugars: <0,5 g
dietary fiber: 2.1 g
protein: 9.2 g
salt: 0.95 g

Preparation instructions

Boil the icy pelmeni in boiling, salted water. When the water boils again, add a few bay leaves. Boil the dumplings under the lid, stirring gently at times. The dumplings are ripe when they rise to the surface. Lift the finished Pelmeni out of the water and serve with the french cream. Pelmeni are not suitable to be eaten raw and must be cooked.