Dovgan Family Salad mayonnaise Provansal 310ml

Dovgan Family Salad mayonnaise Provansal 310ml

Provencal salad mayonnaise is the result of collaboration with culinary experts and has a long history dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. This long history makes it one of the most famous mayonnaises in the world. It is the perfect combination of creaminess, richness and subtlety of taste.

Its traditional and straightforward formula contains 71% sunflower oil, water, egg, sugar, salt, acetic acid and mustard oil. Perfect for salads and dressings, it is also an integral part of the traditional Olivier salad.

Product information

71% sunflower oil, water, sugar, acidity regulator: acetic acid, 1% EGG yolk powder, salt, MUSTARD oil, coloring agent: carotenes.
in a dry and cool place, opened in the refrigerator.
Best before:
see the package.
Net weight: 310 ml
Art. Nr: 43220300
EAN ME: 4032549036451
EAN kpl: 4032549036444
ME: 24 pss
Country: Ukraina

Nutritional content per 100g

Energia/energi: 2727 kJ / 663 kcal
Rasva/fett: 72 g
- josta tyydyttynyttä/varav mättat: 7,7 g
Hiilihydraatit/kolhydrat: 3,2 g
- joista sokereita/varav socker: 3,1 g
Proteiini/protein: 0,5 g
Suola/salt: 1,0 g